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Why You Should Upgrade to a High-Efficiency Boiler

Why You Should Upgrade to a High-Efficiency Boiler

Upgrading your heating system to a high-efficiency boiler can be an intelligent decision. In recent years, HVAC technology has changed drastically. Today, it won’t cost a fortune to operate a boiler or furnace. New innovations have made modern-day boilers safer and more efficient than traditional ones. It’s a great idea to upgrade your boiler to a more efficient one to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

However, if you already have an operating boiler, the plan of upgradation might seem unnecessary. Anyway, you might be surprised to know that by investing in increased efficiency heating solutions, you not only save your money but also time and space in the long run.

So, let’s see why making a switch to an energy-efficient new boiler makes a smart choice.

Leave Less Carbon Footprint

High-efficiency boilers have a lesser carbon footprint than traditional, old steam boilers. Apart from being lighter to the environment, technologically advanced boilers take up a smaller physical space.

Modern heating systems have a great AFUE rating. Unlike old boilers, these systems use one-third of the fuel and thus, efficiently conserve natural resources. So, if you want to switch to an environment-friendly solution, consider upgrading your boiler. Highly-efficient heating solutions emit less carbon dioxide and make going green feasible.

Additionally, saving on square footage is a vital consideration for multifamily buildings and other facilities. Owners of such facilities may enjoy huge benefits by converting to a centralized HVAC solution. A centralized boiler system omits the need for individual units, frees up space and adds value to a property.

Adjust to Your Needs

Today’s high-efficiency boilers are the game changers. These heating appliances use modulation and work more intelligently than traditional boilers.

Older ones used to function on a basic principle of “off” and “on”. You cannot expect modulation or different intensity levels from an old boiler.

Modern boilers consume fuels on demand and are remarkably less wasteful. No matter if you want to run your boiler at a low intensity or at full blast, newer models are equipped with the latest technology that allows you to modulate the system as per your need. These features not only make a remarkable difference in fuel savings but also cut down on the level of abrasion within the system.

Save Money

Many property owners might shrink at the thought of replacing their old boiler with a new setup. However, when done right, such an upgradation can bring you good returns in the form of reduced energy bills. You may experience such a great return in the first or second year.

More importantly, a high-efficiency boiler saves you money in terms of maintenance. On the other hand, traditional steam boilers need a high level of maintenance for safe and proper operation. So, for a simple boiler maintenance program, consider switching to modern solutions.

Better Heat Distribution

Equal heat distribution is an important consideration when it comes to boilers. With old heating solutions, unequal heat distribution is a very common problem, especially during the colder months.

Are you tired of hearing complaints about unalike temperatures? Switch to advanced boilers to distribute heat better through every corner of your house. Even the back bedroom which always troubles you during winter will make you feel comfortable and happy.

Make Operation More Efficient

Technologically advanced boilers not only reduce your energy consumption but also operate in a more efficient way. Upgrading your boiler system lessens the need for maintenance and repair. With a high-efficiency boiler, your home’s operations are less likely to be interrupted.

Modern heating solutions have independent and integrated modules. These modules have separate heating units that make the overall operation more efficient. With several modules, the performance doesn’t depend on a single unit. Even if one fails, the others fill the gap efficiently. On the other hand, if a traditional boiler goes out, the entire heating system won’t operate until all the necessary repairs have been made.

Increase Your Property Value

High-efficiency boilers make your home comfortable. When you upgrade your property with up-to-date core features, its value automatically goes up. Even if you are not selling your property right now, consider upgrading its core systems. Remember, buyers, pay more for efficient and advanced homes.

You Won’t Necessarily Need To Scrap Your Existing Boiler

If your old heating system is working just fine, you might not have to replace it with a new one. You may retrofit your traditional boiler with modern components for better efficiency.

With the help of boiler maintenance and repair professionals, you may upgrade its components and reduce energy consumption by 20% to 50%. A team of experts can do a component analysis of your existing boiler and suggest you the conversions required.

Apart from upgrading your boiler, consider other factors to make your HVAC system work more efficiently. For example, upgrade your ventilation, insulation and sealing drafts so that your new boiler can work more efficiently. You should also go for yearly boiler maintenance so that it lasts longer.

Not sure about your boiler’s efficiency? Contact Ringway to schedule an assessment and consultation.

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