Kirk Cousins ​​as the Savior is a challenge –


Finally, a person uses reason and logic in his analysis. You know, when did Kirk Cousins ​​become Tom Brady?

Joe already mentioned a feud on YouTube between former Bucs beatman and current PFF Tribe analyst Trevor Sikkema and one of the tribe’s high priests, Sam Monson.

The latter mocked Sikkema as a Dixie Chicks “hater” for his opinion that Atlanta will not win the NFC South. Joe would suggest that anyone who chooses Atlanta over the Bucs is a Baker Mayfield hater – and there are plenty of them lurking.

Sikkema typed a piece for the Tribe earlier this month in which he sees no other teams in the division with the ammunition to overtake the Bucs in the NFC South this fall.

What amazes Joe is how many people think Cousins ​​is the magic elixir for the Dixie Chicks. But as Sikkema noted, before his blown Achilles tendon, Cousins’ numbers had dropped.

(If someone said Atlanta would win the division because Artie Smith was such a joke of a coach, Joe would buy that before putting that much stock into Cousins.)

But last year, before his injury, Cousins ​​set career lows in both average depth of target and big throw percentage. He will also be 36 years old and suffering from an Achilles injury.

This last element is what Joe has been harping on all season. An Achilles tendon is a serious injury. Expecting a 36-year-old quarterback to bounce back from that like a sprained ankle is a bit of a leap for Joe.

And as Sikkema also said, those claiming Mayfield has a new offensive coordinator, while accurate, are also overlooking Cousins. At least Mayfield has some history with the Bucs’ new offensive shot-caller, Liam Coen.

Maybe it’s just Joe, because he spends at least half the day researching the Bucs on social media and finding every piece of news about the Bucs that exists. It certainly seems like the same NFL smarty-pants who spent years mocking Cousins ​​as a choke artist and not a clutch are suddenly jumping on his bandwagon.

Maybe they think an average quarterback can win in Atlanta? Joe credits Friend of Ira, Judy Battista of with perhaps having the smartest take on Cousins, saying he should be good enough for two wins and that’s why she’s picking Atlanta.

Yet that completely ignores Cousins’ injury last year. And its trending down numbers.

Joe actually thinks the Bucs may have improved with their offseason moves and how all the rookies who contributed are now a year older and wiser and perhaps better.