Biden-Harris Campaign visits Augusta for opening of new campaign office, kick-off of “Seniors for Biden-Harris”

AUGUSTA, Georgia (WJBF) – The Biden-Harris campaign visited Augusta to celebrate the opening of the new campaign office.

On Sunday, the Biden-Harris campaign and the Democratic Party of Georgia opened a new campaign office and kicked off “Seniors for Biden-Harris.”

Seniors for Biden-Harris is a national organizing coalition aimed at reaching key communities about what’s at stake for America’s seniors.

“Seniors are still a big part of the voting bloc, and maybe every now and then they need a little nudge as to why it’s so important for them to vote,” said Sarah Moody, a participant.

The office will focus on President Biden’s re-election.

“You have to make sure that you actually walk with the group. And so this is kind of a kick-off,” said Harold Jones, senator.

Speakers also talked about wanting to protect the work the Biden administration has done for them.

“Who your president is absolutely matters, and where you know it, make sure people know it,” said Jordan Johnson, District 1 commissioner and Richmond County party chair. “Who you put in the White House matters because it will have a direct impact on what comes from the federal government to support what’s happening at the local level.”

Attendees were there to show their support and remind the community to vote early.

‘Do you want your voice to be heard? Go to the polls and put it on the ballot,” said Christie Stewart, a participant. ‘That’s your voice. Don’t talk on the corners and talk on the street. Go early, go often, get out and vote.”

“The key to 2020 was that we had more people voting early than on Election Day,” said Franklin Delano Williams, host committee of the Local Democratic Party.

Attendees Emphasize that as a voter you always have a voice; you just have to use it.

“We have a voice no matter what district you are in or what county you are in,” said Kay Turner, candidate for State House Representative 125 Columbia County. “You have a voice to stand up for yourself, to stand up for your family members, your seniors. To stand up for women, to stand up for your children.”

The office would like to encourage those interested in helping spread the message during the election to join this office at the Augusta-Richmond County Democratic Party headquarters at 459 Broad St., Augusta, Georgia 30901. Their telephone number is (706) – 722-8111 .