AD Mitchell stands out during Colts offseason

NFL: JUNE 4 Indianapolis Colts Minicamp

Source: Icon Sportswire/Getty

INDIANAPOLIS The actions by AD Mitchell were the key takeaways for the spring, but bring the words also from his peers.

First, Mitchell’s spring actions provided consistent play during the handful of media visits.

We talk about one or two plays every practice where Mitchell blazes around the field, creating separation in 1-on-1 matchups and making plays you haven’t seen enough from Colts wideouts in recent years.

Now the Colts cornerback competition is considered not to be among the league’s elite, but any rookie flashing as much as Mitchell is something to take note of.

As far as words go, it was interesting to hear the Colts talk about their 21-year-old wideout.

Since its draft, each Mitchell discourse has generated quite a bit of discussion, trying to determine why exactly a large-scale college came 11th on some major stages.e broadly in the 2024 NFL Draft.

If you go a step further than Chris Ballard and Shane Steichen, you’ll find some “non-rookie lingo” from those who watch Mitchell work.

The first came from offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter, who was present at Mitchell’s Texas Pro Day, noting the ever-important area of ​​earning the coaching staff’s trust.

“As a young receiver coming into this league, the passing game is pretty complex,” Cooter said. “We are fortunate to get AD from Texas, where (head coach Steve Sarkisian) is doing as well as anyone. So he was ready for the professional aspect of learning an offense – complexity, depth, splits, route adjustments, that kind of thing.

“He’s come in, he’s done a great job of learning that stuff.”

The learning sounds like it’s happening in the Colts’ big room, too. And not just from Mitchell in his first NFL offseason.

Count Michael Pittman Jr. as someone who is in the learning camp from the second round.

“You bring in AD and he is very talented. Everything he does is so natural. I think he brings something extra that we didn’t have before. I learn things from him that I didn’t know before. Just the way he moves and the way he moves. I think he takes everyone to the next level.

“He’s all about football. We always talk about concepts, routes, releases, setup moves. He is ball-savvy 24/7.”

Of course, more and more challenges await Mitchell as he navigates NFL life.

But there are reasons, both in witnessing and listening, why many are eager to see what Mitchell can become.