PINOY Eagle Filipino Kitchen finds long lines and fans in Topeka

Topeka’s food truck scene welcomed PINOY Eagle Filipino Kitchen earlier this month.

Owners Odette Paredes and Ray Wright began serving their brand of sweet, savory and spicy Filipino dishes from Manhattan in late February. Paredes said they opened the business in response to a lack of Filipino cuisine options in northeastern Kansas.

“Kansas generally doesn’t have that many options,” Paredes said. “There’s not a lot of representation. You have to go far to try Filipino food – to Kansas City or to the East Coast.

These are the types of food you can find at PINOY Eagle Filipino Kitchen

The food truck concept was Wright’s idea. He is of Filipino descent but grew up in the United States, while Paredes grew up in the Philippines.

PINOY Eagle Filipino Kitchen offers Filipino-style BBQ chicken and pork skewers, egg roll pork rolls, sinigang soup with shrimp and vegetables, and an American twist on a classic Filipino dish: all-meat pork belly sisig.

Paredes said they also serve traditional Filipino desserts including flan, a sweet egg custard with a caramel icing, and halo-halo, a popular frozen treat during the summer months.

“Halo-halo is a cold mix of shaved ice and tropical fruits with ube ice cream,” said Paredes. “It’s very popular in the Philippines and very good.”

Owner’s colleagues urge her to bring a Filipino food truck to Topeka

Paredes and Wright, who live in Manhattan, decided to test PINOY in the capital after Paredes’ colleagues encouraged her to bring the truck to Topeka. They set up shop in early June in the parking lot across from Ross Dress for Less at 1930 SW Wanamaker Road and had immediate success.

“We decided to try Topeka because I work here,” Paredes said. “We were very surprised by the support. It was amazing. There was a line before we opened our doors, and we had to turn a lot of people away because everything was sold out.”

Although they had discussed what they hoped to accomplish with the first two Topeka dates, Paredes said the response went beyond what she and Wright imagined.

“The line was so long. We didn’t expect the turnout to be so big,” she says. “We were busy in Manhattan, but not like this. There is a large population of Filipinos in Topeka.”

PINOY Eagle Filipino Kitchen plans to continue making trips to Topeka in the future, with plans to return throughout the summer. Paredes said they are working on hiring additional help and refining their process to meet public demand.

“Business is really good there,” she said, “but we need more hands to run smoothly so people don’t have to wait in line for so long.”

Paredes said there are potential plans to expand menu offerings as well, including a grilled teriyaki chicken dish.

When will the PINOY Eagle Filipino Kitchen food truck return to Topeka?

The PINOY Eagle Filipino Kitchen food truck returns to the capital on Thursday, June 27 from 12pm to 5pm at Ross Dress for Less, 1930 SW Wanamaker Road.

It will also be featured at the 2nd Annual Cruisin’ 4 Charity Car Show in Forest Park, 3158 SE 10th St. The public can follow the business Facebook page for additional dates and times.