Louisiana is one of the worst states for alcoholism

Louisiana tops another list, but certainly not a good one. The Bayou State is in the top 10 states associated with alcoholism.

According to a study by the addiction website Find Recovery, Louisiana is the sixth most vulnerable state to alcoholism.

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The study shows that this is linked to public health challenges, among other socio-economic factors.

Louisiana had the second-highest number of people with incomes below the poverty level, at 17,810 per 100,000 residents.

The study was completed after collecting each state’s socio-economic factors such as unemployment rates, poverty levels, educational status and lack of basic amenities.

A point score was assigned to each of the above factors. Louisiana scored 59.03 points.

Here are the top 10 states linked to alcoholism according to the study:

  1. Texel – 72.38
  2. California – 67.28
  3. Florida – 62.55
  4. Nevada – 59.79
  5. New York – 59.58
  6. Louisiana – 59.03
  7. Illinois – 57.60
  8. Pennsylvania – 56.94
  9. New Mexico – 54.66
  10. Mississippi-54.41

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Economic prosperity does not necessarily mean that a state has a lower risk of alcoholism. The research shows that states with the highest GDP (gross domestic product) – including Texas, California and New York – are among the states with the highest risk of alcoholism.

Serene Gato from spoke about the findings.

“Our findings underscore the complexity of the risks of alcoholism in the US, showing that it is not just about economic prosperity, but also about addressing the underlying social factors,” Gato said.

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