‘Speed ​​actor stunned by deadly bus hijacking in Atlanta’

A shocking and deadly bus hijacking in Atlanta has left one of the actors in the 1994 film “Speed” reeling because of its eerie similarities to the film’s plot.

In one harrowing incident, a man hijacked a city bus in Atlanta, leading police on a high-speed chase that ended tragically with the alleged shooting and killing of a passenger. The chaos and danger of the situation brought back vivid memories for Hawthorne James, who played bus driver Sam Silver in the iconic action film.

Speaking to TMZ, James expressed his shock when he saw footage of the Atlanta bus crashing into cars during the chase. The scenes of the bus bouncing into vehicles were reminiscent of the high-octane sequences in “Speed,” in which a bus packed with explosives had to maintain a speed of more than 50 mph to avoid detonation. However, James was quick to point out the big difference between the movie and real life: In the movie, he, along with co-stars Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, always knew they were safe.

Over the years, James has come across countless stories of buses being hijacked or involved in high-speed chases, each time finding it hard to believe. He revealed that when he was first offered the role in ‘Speed’, he turned it down twice because he felt the plot was too far-fetched. Yet the recent incident in Atlanta affected him differently, especially because it resulted in the loss of an innocent life, which he found deeply disturbing.

The actor noted that it’s not surprising that people think of “Speed” whenever a bus-related crime occurs. The film, which catapulted Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves into superstardom, left an indelible mark on popular culture. Coincidentally, this month marks the thirtieth anniversary of the film’s release.

James reminisced about the making of ‘Speed’ and admitted he had no idea they were creating a timeless classic. It wasn’t until he attended the star-studded premiere at Hollywood’s Chinese Theater that he realized the film was something special.

The Atlanta bus hijacking serves as a stark reminder of how life can sometimes imitate art in the most tragic of ways. For James, the incident has brought back memories of his role in “Speed,” but with a somber twist, highlighting the real-life dangers and consequences that can arise from such violent acts.