Heat wave could affect more than 100 million people next week


The National Weather Service this week warned of severely high temperatures hitting parts of the Midwest and Northeast of the country during the region’s first heat wave of the year.

Key facts

According to the NWS Weather Prediction Center, the heat wave started in the Midwest on Sunday and will spread to the Northeast in the coming days and is expected to last at least until Saturday.

The agency warned that maximum daytime temperatures could reach 105 degrees Fahrenheit in some areas, while nighttime temperatures in major cities will remain in the mid-70s.

NWS forecasts show the maximum heat index – a measure that combines temperature and humidity to indicate how warm it feels – above 90 for most of the next week in cities like Chicago, New York, Washington DC and Philadelphia degrees will be.

Cities like Detroit and Pittsburgh could see some of the highest temperatures in the region, with forecasts showing a maximum heat index of over 100 degrees for several days next week.

Chicago, St. Louis, New York, Detroit, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Boston and several other cities in the region could face “extreme heat risk” – the highest level of the NWS’s five-level color-coded index that increases the risk of heat predicts -related consequences.

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The extreme temperatures increase the risk of a rapid or sudden drought in parts of the “eastern Corn Belt and Mid-Atlantic,” the forecast said.

Crucial quote

“The expected lifetime of dangerous heat for some locations has not been seen in decades,” the Weather Prediction Center warned.

News Peg

Accuweather forecasts suggest two scenarios for next week’s heat wave. The first would affect 110 million people in the two regions, with daily high temperatures hovering between 90 and 100 degrees. A more extreme scenario with a stronger high-pressure system could mean more than 135 million people could be affected by the heat wave, with temperatures reaching 100 degrees in many areas.

What to pay attention to

According to the Weather Channel, the summer of 2024 is on track to be one of the nation’s hottest summers on record. The weather bureau report notes that the heat will continue to rise in July, while most of the country will see higher than normal temperatures in September.

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