Who killed DJ Nando? The truth about the Atlanta resident’s death

If you were an Atlanta musician hoping for the coveted big break in the entertainment industry, you wanted to know DJ Nando. He was known as the man who wanted the latest songs played in nightclubs. Some of rap music’s biggest stars have credited him with helping launch their careers. But what happened to him? Who killed DJ Nando?

A collage of DJ Nando looking at the camera and DJ Nando staring at a river
DJ Nando looks at the camera (L) and DJ Nando stares at a river (R). Photo: @alexbullon23, Kenny Hamilton (adapted by author)
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DJ Nando was a critically acclaimed personality in the American rap and hip-hop scene. He was a renowned DJ who worked in upscale adult entertainment clubs in Atlanta, Georgia. He has worked with critically acclaimed artists such as Kwony Cash, School Boy and Gucci Mane.

Profile overview of DJ Nando

First and last name William Fernando Barnes
Nickname DJ Nando
Sex Male
Date of birth 1975
Date of death January 14, 2014
Age at death 38 years old
Birthplace Richmond, Virginia, USA
Place of death Clayton County, Georgia, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Religion Christianity
Sexuality Straight away
Hair colour Black
eye colour Black
Brothers or sisters One (Beasley Barnes)
Relationship status In a relationship
Partner Sjonte Renee
Profession American DJ
Cause of death Shooting a gun

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Who was DJ Nando?

He was an acclaimed American DJ, born and raised in a small town north of Richmond, Virginia. There are no details about his parents. However, he had an older sister, Beasley Barnes.

As a young boy he enjoyed fishing, riding bikes with his friends and playing ball. He didn’t get into the music industry until his early 20s, when he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and started working at an auto detailing shop.

After seeing people selling mixed CDs from their backpacks and suitcases, he became intrigued by the club scene. Later he started buying second-hand equipment and teaching himself how to DJ. He sold CDs from a rental house in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

What was DJ Nando famous for?

The DJ was known for helping rap artists get their big breaks. After honing his skills, he landed a gig at one of Atlanta’s famous adult entertainment clubs.

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According to The Wall Street Journal, DJ Nando was a member of the acclaimed Coalition DJs. The group was popular for helping hip-hop and rap singers gain fame for their new jams, which eventually led to massive radio play and record deals.

The coalition consisted of a dozen adult entertainment club DJs who charged several thousand dollars to repeatedly play new artists’ songs at the clubs in which they worked. The mere repetition of these new songs made them instant hits on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia.

What happened to DJ Nando?

According to BET, he was shot and killed outside his home on Tuesday, January 14, 2014. The sad incident took place outside his home in Clayton County, Georgia, around 4:30 in the morning.

The DJ’s girlfriend, Shonté Renee, described how she hugged the dying man’s head as she hurriedly tried to give him first aid with the help of 911 operators who had just arrived on the scene.

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Unable to save his life, the girlfriend was forced to stare helplessly as DJ Nando took his last breaths in the driveway of their Morrow home. Rumors initially circulated that he had died in a car accident. However, according to Meaww, these allegations turned out to be untrue.

Two weeks after DJ Nando’s untimely death, his family and close friends held a vigil for him at Onyx, one of the adult entertainment clubs where he worked.

Who killed DJ Nando?

In December 2013, the DJ thought someone was after him. According to NBC News, he spoke to his sister because he was worried and afraid for his life. During Christmas Eve 2013 at the DJ’s mother’s rural home in Virginia, he was in tears and said the following:

Get away from them.

When his sister dug deeper, the DJ didn’t reveal more details, but responded by saying:

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They don’t mean me well.

True to his words, the DJ was shot three weeks later.

CCTV footage of DJ Nando’s murder

While the investigation was still ongoing, Barnes’ sister was asked to watch a video of her brother’s shooting. The clip comes from the DJ’s security system. The CCTV camera captured a man walking on the street towards the DJ’s house.

When he reached the house, he walked down the driveway and turned behind the bushes, where he stayed for a few hours. When the DJ got home, he first took some equipment inside, but when he came back out, the gunman ran after him and pulled the trigger before walking away.

Has DJ Nando’s killer been found?

No, the murderer was never caught. More than a decade after news of the shooting death of the Atlanta DJ made headlines in early 2014, people have always wondered what happened to the DJ’s killer. Unfortunately, the killer has not yet been found.

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Time and again, people close to the famous DJ have expressed their disappointment over the unsolved case, stating:

Everyone remembers January 14th. And we still don’t have concrete answers. It’s crazy. – Nick Love, a DJ who worked with Barnes.

I want my brother’s killer caught. My mother needs closure. Our family needs rest. We need justice. – Beasley, DJ Nando’s sister.

What did authorities say about arresting DJ Nando’s killer? According to NBC News, people offered a list of questions about Barnes’ murder, but Capt. John Ivey of the Clayton County Police Major Crimes Unit did not respond to any questions.

However, he stated that he had appointed a new group of investigators to review the case. Similarly, the detectives assigned to investigate the 2014 killing did not respond to requests for comment, nor did the police spokesperson.

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A death similar to that of DJ Nando

About ten months after DJ Nando’s death, the wife of another DJ who worked at Club Onyx, the same location as DJ Nando’s, was shot dead on November 23, 2014. According to NBC News, the detective described the case as an “execution.”

Unlike DJ Nando’s murder case, the fatal shooting of Tiffany Jackson Pugh, DJ Awesome’s wife, was solved. Just weeks after the incident, her husband, DJ Awesome, born Andre Pugh, was charged with murder.

Authorities revealed that he asked one of his close friends to carry out the murder. After the duo’s arrest, they denied the allegations, but upon further investigation, DJ Awesome and his best friend were found guilty. As a result, they were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

DJ Nando’s fast facts

  1. Who was DJ Nando? He was an acclaimed American Adult Entertainment Club DJ.
  2. What was DJ Nandon’s real name? His real name was William Fernando Barnes. However, he was often referred to by his stage name.
  3. How old was DJ Nando when he died? He died on January 14, 2014, at the age of 38.
  4. What happened to DJ Nando? He was fatally shot outside his home in Clayton County, Georgia.
  5. What caused DJ Nando’s murder? Authorities revealed that DJ Nando was shot dead in the head and his body was discovered outside his home around 4:30 am.
  6. Who killed DJ Nando? Sadly, more than a decade later, the DJ’s killer has still not been brought to justice.
  7. Who Killed DJ Awesome’s Wife? She was murdered by her husband’s best friend, Adrian Earl Harley. Andre Pugh hired Adrian to kill his wife.

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Final word on who killed DJ Nando

Who killed DJ Nando? Unfortunately, more than ten years later, the DJ’s murderer was never apprehended. The DJ was fatally shot outside his home in Clayton County, Georgia, around 4:30 a.m. on January 14, 2014. Without justice, his death continues to enrage his family members and haunt his friends. shared an article about what happened to Keyona Griffin. She was a well-known American family tragedy and murder victim. She called 911 to report her aunt’s death and her possible murder. By the time detectives arrived, she had already lost her life to the alleged killer.

Keyona Griffin was a young murder victim. Even though she couldn’t save her life from her killer, she at least tried to get help. People remember her courageous step to inform authorities about the crime while it was still happening.