Top Five Movie Theaters for Students Living on Campus – The Minnesota Daily

Summer movie season is here, and since there are no movie screenings scheduled at Coffman Union this summer, you may be wondering what other options there are for watching movies.

Whether you’re anticipating upcoming blockbusters like ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ or are more interested in indie film festival favorites like ‘DiTue” or “Kneecap,” there are accessible theaters near campus.

  1. AMC Rosedale

While not the most convenient location for students, Rosedale AMC has both if you want to enhance your theater experience by seeing a movie in an IMAX or Dolby theater. Like every other AMC theater, Rosedale AMC shows virtually all summer blockbusters, with the occasional independent film through their AMC Artisan Films program.

After transferring from the light rail to the bus at Snelling Avenue, the ride to the AMC takes about 50 minutes.

  1. Lagoon cinema

The only remaining Minneapolis location of the national chain Landmark Theaters national chainthe Lagoon Cinema is a long-standing theater in the Twin Cities, showing summer blockbusters as well as foreign and independent films.

Located just east of Bde Maka Ska, the best way to reach the lagoon is by bus, which is about a 40-minute drive from campus. While the commute is certainly on the longer side, the films they show on their five screens will appeal to both blockbuster audiences and fans of niche arthouse films.

  1. B&B Theaters at Mall of America

Although the Mall of America is the furthest location from campus on this list, B&B Theaters is a quality option accessible via an hour-long light rail ride. With 13 screens and even a cocktail bar, B&B Theaters is a solid theater to see a summer blockbuster, not to mention you can combine it before or after the show with a variety of activities and dining options on the Mall of America.

Aside from the length of the commute, the only real downside to B&B Theaters is the lack of independent films within their programming, but if you’re looking for a theater showing the biggest hits this summer, B&B Theaters will keep you happy set.

  1. Trylon Cinema

For fans of new and old independent films, Trylon Cinema is the very best option in the Twin Cities. With screenings taking place six days a week (several of which are shown on 35mm film), the Trylon Cinema showcases an eclectic variety of brand new independent films, as well as older niche films that you won’t find in any other theater in Minnesota.

Although there is only one screening room at Trylon Cinema with a smaller capacity than the average theater, so much care is put into the programming and overall experience that Trylon stands out as one of the most exceptional theaters in the area for movie lovers. . If you don’t want to pay for an Uber, you can reach the Trylon by taking a 30-minute bus ride from the West Bank, which will drop you off right across the street from the theater.

  1. The main cinema

As an independent, not-for-profit cinema, The Main Cinema not only offers an excellent balance of independent and big-budget films in its programming, but The Main Cinema is also the closest cinema to campus, approximately 2 miles from the East Bank . . Not only is it a great option during the summer, but as part of the Minneapolis Film Society, the theater screens films for the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival every spring.

Whether you want to take public transportation or enjoy a scenic summer stroll, The Main Cinema is the best local theater to meet your summer movie needs. Although not directly accessible by light rail, it is easily accessible by bus. If you live in the Dinkytown or Marcy-Holmes neighborhoods, you can walk there in just 20 minutes.

While it would be ideal for students if these theaters were a little closer to campus, these are five great options to explore if you decide to take it a step further.