Little Rock is seeing record temperatures before the start of summer

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – In less than five days the official summer starts and temperatures are rising.

On Sunday, several counties received moderate heat advisories and Little Rock reached a high of 97 degrees.

All of this is pushing the Little Rock Fire Department to increase awareness and safety perceptions about heat safety.

“If it starts to get really warm for a few days, we will see an increase where people are not yet acclimated to the heat,” Capt. Jason Weaver said.

He says it’s things like heat stroke and exhaustion that catch many by surprise.

“With heat exhaustion your body has used up all its water and salt, so you get an increased heart rate, and with heat stroke you have very similar symptoms, but you have an elevated core temperature. Weaver said.

He says heat illness can sometimes be avoided if people wear lighter clothing, stay hydrated and plan accordingly.

“Wearing hats and sunscreen ensures that you are taking good care of your body, and please try to stay away from alcohol or caffeinated drinks. Try more sports drinks with sugars and salts,” Weaver said.