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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Sunday is the second day of the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials at Lucas Oil Stadium, along with Father’s Day.

Fathers and their children came from across the state, along with Canada, to celebrate both occasions, something they likely won’t do again.

Incoming eighth-grader Canon Swinehart, from Warsaw, says his family often spends their Father’s Day “sitting around the house.”

But this year, he and his older brother, Calin Swinehart, had the opportunity to travel with their father to downtown Indianapolis for the first time to witness the U.S. Olympic swimming trials. They called the opportunity historic and special.

“It’s more of a gift to us than a gift to him,” Calin Swinehart said.

The two brothers have been swimming for at least eight years, which led to Brian Swinehart, their father, deciding he would take them on the trip to Indy.

“I think it’s a 10/10 spending the day together,” Brian Swinehart said. “We are surprised that there are swimming pools in Lucas Oil. I mean, that’s just phenomenal engineering and the fact that they did that in the time that they did that. That’s something we’ll probably never see again in our lifetimes.”

Another Hoosier swimmer family, the Kellett family, came to town for fun.

“We are very excited as it is a sport that we all really enjoy and Chris is an important part of our support system at home, making sure the children are practicing all the time,” said mother Julie Kellett. “So it’s good to see the rewards that you get from doing that year after year, after year.”

However, this day is not just for Hoosiers.

Rocco DeSantis, from Western Ontario, is in Indy and couldn’t resist bringing his family to witness the greatest swimming competition in history.

“It’s a world-class event and I think Indianapolis has done a great job for locals and visitors,” DeSantis said.