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Cries of “Bullshit!” “Bullshit” sounded in a crowded megachurch in Phoenix On June 6, Donald Trump held his first campaign rally since his conviction on 34 felony charges in New York.

Trump said the charges against him were “trumped up” and that his convictions were “rigged,” just like in the 2020 election. He claimed the real lawbreaker was Joe Biden, “the leader of one of the most despicable criminal conspiracies of all.” times” for his inability to secure the country’s southern border.

As for Biden’s recent executive order restricting immigration? Trump told the crowd at the Phoenix Dream Center, an Assemblies of God congregation, that it was “nonsense.”

“They come with this order,” he said. “I won’t say it because I don’t like using the word ‘bullshit’ in front of these people.”

But their shouts showed they were excited supported his claims and profanity and they repeatedly shouted the word back at him.

The rally was sponsored by Turning Point Action, the politically activist sister organization of Turning Point USA, the $81 million nonprofit organization popular with conservative evangelicals that Trump has promoted to young people, women and Hispanics.

The groups also reach pastors through their Turning Point Faith initiative, which has 30 full-time employees and works to restore “traditional biblical values ​​to our nation.” About 1,200 pastors attended the all-expenses-paid Pastor’s Summit in San Diego last fall.

TPA and TPUSA help Trump will win Arizona in 2024, after narrowly losing to Biden there in 2020 by fewer than 11,000 votes out of more than 3 million cast.

“Trump is shifting many campaign responsibilities to an outside group, Turning Point Action,” NPR reported. The group says it is replicating its “Arizona Strategy” in nine other states: Georgia, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Screencap from the TPA website

TPA is creating something it’s calling “America’s Vote Hunter Army” and plans to hire “over a thousand field organizers” for “full-time ballot positions” so it can deploy “an army of over a thousand field organizers each responsible for tracking and chasing of ballots’. important target moods in theaters of war.”

TPA says the effort:

  • “Identify Republican voters and build key relationships in battleground states.”
  • “Register American patriots to vote and encourage them throughout the voting process.”
  • “Inspire thousands of patriotic voters at our powerful events and rallies.”

“The Radical Left is beating us in the voting game,” says TPA. “They have strategically focused their efforts on key states and vastly expanded their election operations in crucial battlegrounds.”

“In 2024, Turning Point Action will launch the first and most robust Conservative election operation. With a strong national grassroots network and a track record of empowering conservative leaders, we want to ensure every American makes a voting plan to win.”

Their goal is to recruit religious leaders who will boost evangelical support for Trump above the 81% needed for him to win in November.

TPA and TPUSA are also promoting “Project 81,” saying their goal is to recruit religious leaders who will boost evangelical support for Trump above the 81% needed for him to win in November. Pew Research Center says 77% of white evangelicals voted for Trump in 2016, and 84% did so in 2020.

TPA works with Tea Party groups, Moms for America, College Republicans of America and other groups to hire employees with a “passion for conservative ideas and principles” and “past/present involvement in conservative youth organizations.” Employees will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement stating their silence about TPA’s activities.

“We say to churches: Get involved and speak out about the direction of your country, otherwise you will leave a void that someone else who doesn’t share your values ​​will fill,” a TPA/TPUSA spokesperson told NBC News.

TPUSA regularly hosts events at the Phoenix Dream Center, which is part of the Dream Center Network founded in 1994 by Tommy Barnett in Los Angeles.

Phoenix dream center, led by Barnett’s son Luke, regularly hosts TPUSA’s “Freedom Night in America” ​​events, which are designed to help people “defend your God-given rights, expose the devil’s lies, and explore the connection between faith and freedom to put into words.’

TPUSA brought hundreds of volunteers to Trump’s Stop the Steal Rally in Washington DC on January 6.

Nonprofits are not allowed to engage in partisan political activity, but the IRS does not enforce this rule.

Coordination between special interests Groups like TPA and TPUSA were also once banned, but this spring the Federal Election Commission changed the rules, making such collaboration possible.

One critic said the rule change allows these groups “to play an increasingly dominant role in our elections, facilitating the large and often secretive political spending of corporations and ultra-wealthy individuals.”

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