Kings Acquire Pelicans Star in Latest Mock Trade

The 2024 NBA Draft is just ten days away and the Sacramento Kings are holding on to the No. 13 overall pick. Time to act is running out, but the Kings have a number of routes to take with their lottery pick.

If the Kings decide to make a trade, look no further than New Orleans Pelicans star Brandon Ingram. Bleacher Report writer Zach Buckley sees a potential deal happening that would send Ingram to Sacramento in exchange for a few starters and a few picks. This is what the mock trade looks like:

The last major trade Sacramento made was for Kevin Huerter, a sharpshooter who still has plenty of room to grow in the NBA. Huerter, 25, shot an excellent 40.2% from three-point land in his first year in California. Less time on the field in the 2023-2024 season led to an under-confident shooter who could benefit from a change in environment.

Another player who may have used all his time in Sacramento is Harrison Barnes, a 6-foot-1 winger entering his final years in the league. The Kings handed Barnes a contract worth $18 million per year last offseason and may want to give up his skills after a six-year stay.

The Kings are reportedly set to put both players on the trade market this offseason, so an acquisition of Ingram is not out of the question. The 26-year-old Ingram has spent eight years in the league but only has one season left on his contract. An extension would likely be separate from any deal the 2020 All-Star lands in Sacramento.

Ingram averaged 20.8 points, 5.1 rebounds and 5.7 assists last season in New Orleans. He wasn’t always the first option as Zion Williamson and CJ McCollum dominated the offensive moves, but that could mean he’s ready to fill in as a third big on a new team. De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis will likely see more possession than Ingram, but the three could easily find a dynamic that shares possession and creates efficiency.

Time is quickly running out for general manager Monte McNair to trade the team’s 2024 first-round pick. Brandon Ingram could be the most valuable option if the organization wants to take a different direction during the 2024-2025 campaign.

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