Greater Bond Neighborhood wins 2nd place in the Neighborhood of the Year Awards

  • The Greater Bond Neighborhood won 2nd place in Neighborhoods USA’s ‘Neighborhood of the Year’ Awards.
  • Several neighborhood improvements earned recognition for physical revitalization and beautification.
  • Watch the video and hear from Bond neighbors what this achievement means to them.


Moods are high in the Greater Bond Neighborhood following a recent national award.

Wileen Footman, Greater Bond Community Action Team Member – “We’re starting to see the fruits of our labor and that’s the beauty of it.”

I’m neighborhood reporter Kenya Cardonne in southwest Tallahassee, investigating what it took to get into the Neighborhood of the Year Awards.

Footman – “It’s great to see things happening in our neighborhood, but even more fun to know that people know things are happening in our neighborhood to make things better for residents.”

Greater Bond neighbor Wileen Footman tells me she couldn’t be prouder of her neighborhood after it won second place in Neighborhoods USA’s “Neighborhood of the Year Awards.”

The award was judged based on physical revitalization and beautification, something Footman tells me has been the goal of several projects here today, such as the Speed-Spencer-Stephens Park improvements and the Housing Facade Grant program, in which neighbors donate money is awarded to renovate their house. outside and front garden.

Footman – “We’ve also redone some of the streets, we’ve had some lights put up, some light poles put up, I mean we have the linear park now.”

Dr. Vanessa Williams, President of the Greater Bond Neighborhood Association – “We say Greater Bond Neighborhood, but we want to make it bigger!”

Dr. Vanessa Williams, president of the Greater Bond Neighborhood Association, tells me she is a third-generation Bond neighbor.

Dr. Williams – “If you came here five years ago, completely different, it’s growing. New houses are coming, neighbors are talking to each other.”

She says she is inspired by the improvements, adding that they are not only necessary for the current state of the neighborhood, but even more important for the future.

Dr. Williams – “…and even our children need to see that. They need to see the love in us, they need to see the compassion in us, they need to see the sense of neighbor in us. That way they can pass it on to the next generation .”

There is more to come. Neighbors say adding more affordable housing is the next step in the plan to revitalize the neighborhood.

Southwest Tallahassee, Kenya Cardonne, ABC 27