Boise State sports scientists host Sun Valley skiers for a unique camp

The Boise State University Department of Kinesiology worked with alpine skiers this week in an effort to help them reach their peak athletic performance.

The Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation brought their U-18 to U-21 girls for a camp where they were tested in various areas at multiple locations throughout Boise State.

Training in the laboratory

“We decided this year that we needed to work on our strength and conditioning. We wanted to give the girls the opportunity to look at a very high-quality facility and have their testing done by highly professional sports scientists.”

Anika Angriman, the SVSEF coach

Iona Halliday is one of the sports scientists from the Kinesiology department who helped these ladies get into the program. We met them at the Center for Orthopedic and Boimechanics Research, where the girls tested their force output, lower body strength and lateral movement.

Testing power

“We’re doing some performance testing and looking at some injury management techniques. We’re trying to build a profile of the athletic performance so we can reach out and help them with their training.”

Iona Halliday Department of Kinesiology

We also went to the Human Performance Laboratory for the VO2 Max test. This test on the bicycle provides data about the maximum oxygen consumption that the athlete uses during exercise. It’s part of the puzzle to test their aerobic and anaerobic capacity while looking at their lactate threshold in their muscles.

Preparing to start the VO2 Max

“Alpine skiers start out very anaerobic when they first leave the gate. It’s a short, high intensity session to get going, then it transitions to aerobic so they build up a fair amount of lactate by the end of the run.”


The Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation team will use the data from the camp to create a summer training program. Anika Angriman told us that training in the summer is so important ahead of the grueling racing season.

Testing lateral movement with the boxing jump

“This is an opportunity to collect a lot of informants and a lot of data about their physical condition. We believe it will be a great thing to become very strong and get to know their bodies better during the winter season.”


The camp also included educational sessions on nutrition, sports psychology, team building, goal setting and visualization. Halliday and her team really enjoyed having the girls on campus.

Iona Halliday cheers on one of the athletes

“I think it’s been really good. I have a very strong sports science background in Australia and I love doing things like this.”


It’s shaping up to be a big year in Sun Valley as it has been announced that Sun Valley will host the World Cup Finals in March 2025. It is the first time in a long time that the finals will take place on American soil, but that is not the case. official yet, that announcement will come in September.

Sun Valley will host the World Cup Finals in 2025

“If anyone from Boise wants to come and watch very high-level skiing, we’re talking about World Cup athletes,”