Antonio Brown talks about Steelers WR Cordarrelle Patterson

Just when you think you’ve last heard former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown talk about his old team, he makes a comeback like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Brown took to social media to speak out about new Steelers wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson wearing jersey No. 84. Of course, Brown doesn’t feel like Patterson has earned the right to wear his old number.

“They don’t really have the respect for me that I think they do, or the respect that you think you deserve,” Brown said. “That in itself could be a trauma to know, da*n. I gave my life to the Steelers and these guys don’t even care about my body of work. They’ll just give some random guy who scored kick returns, who never even got 1,000 yards as a receiver in his career (my number is over) a guy who was number one in history.

I don’t remember Brown being that upset when wide receiver Rico Bussey wore number 84 in 2021 and even wide receiver Jamal Custis briefly wore the number during offseason workouts in 2019. Of course, Brown hadn’t completely wasted his career yet, so he had other things to keep his attention.