The American passenger plane almost crashed into the sea

The Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 suddenly lost altitude off the coast of Hawaii and did not regain control until it was more than 400 feet above the sea surface.

The incident occurred off the coast of the Hawaiian Islands on April 11, during Southwest Airlines flight 2786, but was not revealed until June 14 in an internal bulletin sent to the airline’s pilots.

According to documents leaked to the media on June 15, the Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane took off from Honolulu to Lihue Airport on the nearby island of Kauai, but the number of people on board was unknown. The captain allowed a “less experienced” co-pilot to take control of the aircraft on a journey of approximately 130 km between the two islands.

Upon arrival at Lihue Airport, the pilot could not see the runway at a certain altitude due to poor weather conditions, so he canceled the landing and accelerated to regain altitude.

During this process, the co-pilot ‘accidentally’ pushed the control stick forward, causing the aircraft to suddenly slow down and plummet. The cockpit warning system immediately sent an alarm signal, indicating that the aircraft was about to crash into the sea.

Southwest Airlines plane, USA. Image: Southwest Airlines

Flight tracking data on the ADS-B Exchange system showed that the aircraft, while moving off the coast of Honolulu, suddenly dropped in altitude, from 4,900 m to 125 m in a few minutes, causing panic among the passengers on board.

The captain ordered the co-pilot to immediately accelerate the engine to regain altitude when the aircraft was only about 400 feet above the sea surface. Internal documents show that the crew subsequently decided not to land in Lihue, but returned to Honolulu. The flight lasted a total of 22 minutes and no one was injured.

“The most important thing for Southwest is safety. Through the safety management system, the incident has been appropriately resolved and we will continue to improve,” the US airline confirmed in the document. internal.

Southwest Airlines confirmed the incident to the media after the documents were leaked, but did not provide specific explanations about the cause or severity of the incident. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confirmed that it received information about the incident immediately after the incident and is conducting an investigation.

The US aviation industry also recorded a similar incident involving a United Airlines Boeing 777 Dreamliner aircraft in 2022.

The aircraft suddenly lost control for approximately 20 seconds while taking off from the island of Maui and reaching an altitude of over 2,000 feet (670 m). The pilots checked the situation when the aircraft was more than 230 meters above the sea surface.

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