Metal records found in Utah, Native Council man says

Cave with records in Sanpete County described

It seems like every week there is another claim finding documents belonging to indigenous peoples. This comes from a man who says he is a descendant of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce and was recruited by his relatives to take responsibility for the surviving documents.

He says he was taken to a mountain in Sanpete County, Utah, where they lowered him into a cave. When he got downstairs, he described a large hallway that ended at a pair of doors with carved wood on them.

As he opened the doors, he said the room was filled with what appeared to be chunks of bark. When he opened them, he found small metal plates the size of a postage stamp. What he describes next strikes the supernatural, as he was able to read them with the help of an ancestral guide.

Where are the records now?

The man called Phil, but who goes by the native name Cloudpiler, which is a great name, tells his story on the podcast. He claims that the place where the documents were located was unsafe and that thieves had broken in and stolen some.

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He says he moved the slab to a secure location in eastern Utah with the help of a band of Utes. In the video he shows a copy of what he saw on the plates. He says he is a member of a board that oversees the documents and they continue to work on the translation.

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