What is ‘The Hump’ for Ole Miss Rebels in 2024?

OXFORD, Miss. – Since Lane Kiffin was hired in December 2019, the Ole Miss Rebels have been looking to get over the “hump.”

But what’s the bump for Ole Miss? The Rebels racked up 11 wins last season for the first time in program history, but they have always struggled to play in the postseason games that really matter. Ole Miss has never been to an SEC Championship Game nor has it ever participated in the College Football Playoff.

That could change in 2024, however, as Kiffin has put together one of the most talented rosters in the country in an effort to make this upcoming season the best in Ole Miss history. CBS sports analyst Josh Pate recently discussed what he believes is Ole Miss’ 2024 “bump” after Kiffin bolstered his roster with some of the top players in the NCAA Transfer Portal this offseason.

“For me (with Ole Miss), it’s making the playoff and winning a game in the playoff,” Josh Pate said via his podcast. “That would give the feeling of doing something beyond what they’ve already done.”

Pate explains that while some may argue that making the playoffs would be enough for Ole Miss to get over the hump, he believes the Rebels have already played well enough in recent history to earn a postseason field of twelve teams.

“Two of their last three finishes would have been good enough to make a twelve-team playoff field,” Pate argues. “So if they make it, it doesn’t mean they’re suddenly doing something they haven’t done before. In other words, they’re not playing at a different level than they were already playing at. It’s just that we’re raising the bar in this sport when it comes to what it takes to make the play-offs.”

Pate is right. If the 12-team format was available in 2021 or 2023, the Rebels likely would have made the playoffs, so earning their first official playoff berth feels almost too easy. In my opinion, the bump for Ole Miss in 2023 should be playing in the SEC championship game and/or winning a playoff game.

Time will tell if the Rebels have what it takes to achieve the numerous goals set for the upcoming season.