Southwest Airlines flight almost plunges into the ocean in latest plane crash

I’m almost certain I would faint from fear if I were ever in this predicament. Kudos to the Southwest Airlines team for avoiding what could have been a fatal disaster.

Recently, a Southwest Airlines flight was flying over Hawaii when the plane almost crashed into the sea. The pilots flew at a rough altitude of a thousand feet and missed an opportunity to land due to bad weather. It’s business as usual until the plane suddenly falls within 400 feet of the ocean. Fortunately, the flight crew was able to avoid the disaster and pull away at the last minute. Moreover, no one was injured as a result.

How the Southwest Pilot Avoided Catastrophe

A report from Bloomberg provides an intimate look at the near-fatal incident and the lengths the Southwest crew went to avoid a crash. A former pilot and flight instructor explains what happens in a fearful frenzy like this. He says the pilot “jumps up and down with the force and almost goes out of control – very close.” He then compares the experience to what it feels like to be on a roller coaster. Clearly, this is no joyride.

It is important to note that this aircraft was flown by a newer pilot. Since the flight would be fast and relatively breezy, the Southwest Airlines captain gave his first officer the order. Every decision he made, he made on his own accord, until the captain gave his specific orders. Because the weather blocks the view of the runway, they abort the landing. Then the first officer “inadvertently” pushes the controls forward. He carefully monitors the thrust level and reduces speed, causing the plane to descend and the alarm to sound.

Panicking, the Southwest captain orders an increase in thrust, causing the plane to climb dramatically at 8,000 feet per minute. Ultimately, they return to Honolulu to land safely and evaluate their circumstances.

Southwest Airlines is sending a spokesperson to discuss the incident and emphasizes the importance of communication and safety with their crew. “Nothing is more important to Southwest than Safety,” says the spokesperson. “Our robust safety management system ensured the event was handled appropriately as we always strive for continuous improvement.”