The Dallas Cowboys star continues to make Atlanta’s strategy look foolish

In Arthur Smith’s first draft with the Atlanta Falcons, there was an argument from almost every position group that it deserved first-round consideration. Atlanta took fourth overall and selected Kyle Pitts.

Let’s be clear from the start: Pitts is an immensely talented player and primed for a breakout season with Kirk Cousins ​​now under center. However, Atlanta chose to select Pitts without the two positions the team needed to address most of the quarterback and pass rusher.

The best pass rusher in this draft now plays in Dallas. Micah Parsons would have been a prime prospect for the Falcons, had the team been able to trade down by adding much-needed picks and finding their franchise pass rusher. Instead, the team opted to add a tight end who has been incredibly disappointing the past two seasons.

The reasons for Pitts’ lack of production are understandable and obvious. Still, it doesn’t make things any easier for Falcons fans realizing how close they’ve consistently been to landing a much-needed franchise edge rusher.

Three years before Atlanta passed on TJ Watt to add Takk McKinley, who would become an even bigger bust than Vic Beasley. Perhaps deterred by their recent decisions at the position, the Falcons chose to add a weapon they couldn’t use well.

In the time since the move was made, Parsons has amassed 40.5 sacks, 7 forced fumbles, 89 QB hits, and 51 tackles for loss. Among those songs is a memorable strip sack by Matt Ryan in an absolute drubbing of Atlanta in Parsons’ rookie season.

It’s easy to play the “what if” game not just with Watt or Parsons, but with some talented pass rushers that Atlanta has chosen to overlook. Over the past four years, the Falcons have signed Kyle Pitts, Drake London, Bijan Robinson and Michael Penix Jr. added in the first round.

Every year, a large portion of Atlanta fans loudly asked their franchise to consider drafting a pass rusher. In a passing-heavy league, if you can’t get to the quarterback consistently, your season will end. Whether that’s in week nine or the first round of the playoffs, if you can’t get to the quarterback, you won’t win anything of note.

For Atlanta, the answer was the same every time the most exciting offensive player was chosen. Building the future without taking into account the needs of the present. Micah Parsons isn’t the first, nor does it appear he will be the last, on a list of star pass rushers that Atlanta refuses to draft.