Payton’s love for Dak Prescott worries Broncos writer on ex-Auburn football QB Bo Nix

Mainly Lou Scataglia from Orange is concerned about former Auburn football star Bo Nix’s future in Denver, given Broncos head coach Sean Payton’s infatuation with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott; a possible free agent in 2025.

Scataglia wondered this out loud and asked several questions with a somber view of Nix.

“Would Sean Payton ditch the Bo Nix era to sign Dak Prescott? How good would Nix have to be in year one for Payton to not even consider something like that? Would modest production from Nix in year one be enough to get Payton double-double on the QB?

“To me, this feels like an impossible scenario for the Denver Broncos,” Scataglia wrote.

Payton spoke highly of Prescott in November 2018, prior to a game between the coach’s New Orleans Saints and the QB’s Cowboys.

‘I think he is an exceptional leader’ Payton introduced the word before saying it“I think he’s strong in the pocket and he’s a guy who can get out of trouble if you want. He can get out of pockets, get out of tackles, extend plays. I think he has a really good presence in the pocket .” He can hit you with his arm and he can hit you with his feet.

Forget Prescott. Nothing is faces stiff competition in the Broncos QB room in fellow Tigers alum Jarrett Stidham – who has thus far pushed the Pinson product to his limits during offseason workouts. Stidham has more NFL experience, especially in-game reps in Payton’s sets.

Prescott is a speculative play based on old coaching conversations from more than half a decade ago. Stidham is a living threat and the unique force that can keep Nix on the sidelines during his rookie season in the Mile High City.

It doesn’t appear Zach Wilson will escape the slump that is quickly rendering his career irrelevant, but Stidham is doing everything he can to earn an NFL starting spot after waiting five seasons for such an opportunity.