Chili Dog Extravaganza at Centennial Park on June 19 will support Kirsten’s Place

A Chili Dog Extravaganza is coming up this month and everyone is invited to this special family event.

Pastor Olav Traa of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Olds notes that Clint’s Kitchen was the brainchild of Clint Jackson and is a soup kitchen held at the church every Wednesday for dinner.

Pastor Olav says they started it on Valentine’s Day this year and it has since grown into an evening a week where people from all walks of life come to share a meal with them. He says their attendance is much higher than before.

He adds that they are partnering with the Rotary Club of Olds to hold a free Chili Dog Extravaganza at Centennial Park on Wednesday from 5-7pm with Whitecap Resources on hand with their monster BBQ to grill the dogs. He says: “So we invite people to come out. Bring your garden chairs. All food will be free, as always. One of the fun little features that will be happening that Wednesday is that a guy named Jake Peters will come out and provide live music. It’s country, blue grass with a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll in it. He’s going to bring his instruments and provide live music all evening.”

According to Pastor Olav, they have decided that all donations received during that event will be given to Kirsten’s Place. He says, “That’s the new facility being built right across the street from this park. So all of this happens on the 19th and not only benefits the residents of Olds – so they can get together and have a good time – but all financial contributions received on that day are donated to Kirsten’s Place. here in Oud.”

Check out Clint’s Kitchen Olds on Facebook for more details, to volunteer or make a donation.