Morgan Wallen donates $100,000 to renovate baseball fields for children

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Morgan Wallen has once again shown his philanthropic spirit.

He recently made a substantial donation through the foundation Morgan Wallen Foundation to revitalize two local ballparks in Tennessee.

The fields are located in Jefferson City, Tennessee, about 40 minutes from where the country singer grew up. They hold a special place in Wallen’s heart as he played Little League Baseball games there as a child.

However, over time the fields became neglected and have been in poor condition ever since.

For the past seven years, children have had to go to other cities to play. Thanks to Wallen’s $100,000 donation, the young players in Jefferson City can now look forward to playing on their home turf again after 20 years.

Wallen’s donation will help improve Roy Harmon Field ($80,000) and New Market Field ($20,000).

The money will be used to improve the fields with new infields, bases, dugouts and more. This will benefit approximately 300 young players who can now look forward to better facilities.

According to the Morgan Wallen Foundation, Morgan Wallen founded the organization in 2021 “to ensure that young people can have access to the same opportunities he had in sports and music.”

Robbie Britt, president of Jefferson City Little League, said:

“Local Little League is a pillar of the community – creating a foundation for families to come together and enjoy an American pastime while teaching our youth skills beyond baseball. We would like to thank you Morgan Wallen Foundation for all their support.”

Mitch Cain, the mayor of Jefferson City, believes Wallen’s donation will have a positive impact on youth “for years to come.”

“As a public servant, this is one of the most inspiring community projects I have been involved with in the last fifteen years. Investing in people is one of the city council’s biggest priorities, and this partnership with the Morgan Wallen Foundation has given Jefferson City a very bright future. On behalf of the residents of Jefferson City, we thank the Morgan Wallen Foundation for your cooperation with us. Their investment in our community and in our children is making a positive difference.”

Morgan Wallen has been actively involved in several charity events, including the Riley Green charity softball game and concert a few years ago, which benefited St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Jacksonville State University athletics.

Watch Wallen hit a home run during the event in the video below. He still has it!

Jefferson City is clearly special to Wallen, and he even mentions it in his hit song “Thought You Should Know.”

Wallen’s “Thought You Should Know” is a tribute to his mother, Leslie. In the song he talks about how he realized that while he was having fun, his mother was worried about him at home. Without saying it directly, Wallen seems to be thanking his mother for everything she’s done for him as he chases his dreams.

‘I thought you should know
That all those prayers you thought were wasted on me,
They must have finally gotten through.

I thought you should know
I got me a new girl in Jefferson City, and…
She lets me fish whenever I want.

Yes, I’m still proud of where I come from,
Still your only damn son.
Can you believe I’m on the radio?

I thought you should know /
I thought you should know /
I thought you should know.’

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Morgan Wallen’s generosity is making a real difference for Jefferson City’s young baseball players. The city clearly means a lot to him and that’s why he likes to help renovate the baseball fields there. A real class act!

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