Uh oh…that mysterious obelisk has returned and suddenly appears next to the Maury Island Incident Mural

The South Side is abuzz with excitement, intrigue and confusion this week after a mysterious obelisk suddenly appeared on the Maury Island Incident Mural.

As we previously reported, the unusual object appeared numerous times in the area in 2021 and 2022 before suddenly disappearing – read more about this here.

The shiny, long, angular (some say it’s as sharp as a Cybertruck) metal structure was first spotted by early morning joggers, causing a wave of curiosity and speculation among residents and visitors alike.

The obelisk – which appears to be the exact same one that previously appeared randomly in the area – is located just to the right of the mural depicting the infamous Maury Island Incident UFO sighting of June 21, 1947 outside Harper Studios (see map below). The mural, commissioned by Burien resident John White and created by artists Nancy and Zach Pahl, commemorates the true story of Harold Dahl, who claimed to have witnessed six doughnut-shaped objects floating above Puget Sound near Maury Island – when there “snail” rained out. a disc – followed by the very first ‘Men in Black’ meeting the next day.

Speculation quickly spread through the community, with theories ranging from an elaborate prank to an art installation or even an actual alien phenomenon. Local UFO enthusiasts were particularly enthusiastic and saw the obelisk as a possible sign from beyond due to the unusual symbols on it.

The obelisk has attracted a steady stream of visitors, all eager to take selfies and ponder its origins. Some have taken to leaving donuts – a tribute to the shape of Dahl’s reported UFOs – at the base of the obelisk (which is oddly encouraged by local police).

Although the origins of the obelisk remain a mystery, the city of Des Moines is embracing the attention and encouraging visitors to explore the city’s rich history and vibrant community. One such activity that celebrates this enigma is the Men in black birthday partywhich starts in Des Moines Friday June 21, 2024 (More information and tickets can be purchased here).

As the days pass, the obelisk continues to capture the imagination of all who encounter it. Whether it’s a clever art installation or a sign from another world, its presence on the Maury Island Incident mural has brought a sense of wonder and excitement to Des Moines, making it the talk of the town.

One thing’s for sure: the mysterious obelisk has put Des Moines back on the map and revived interest in one of Washington’s most intriguing UFO stories. Only time will tell whether the mystery will be solved, or whether the obelisk will remain as a silent, enigmatic sentinel over the mural and the legend it represents.


Below are photos of the mysterious obelisk – including one with what could be an alien wearing a t-shirt – courtesy of Doreen Harper and Scott Schaefer: