Bear spotted at Little Rock Air Force Base

Photo courtesy of Little Rock Air Force Base Residents Page + 19 CES Commander

JACKSONVILLE, Ark. – There have been several bear sightings in central Arkansas this week and the most recent occurred at Little Rock Air Force Base.

In a Posting on FacebookLRAFB officials said a bear had been spotted on the base, but it was moving east from the base and town to a new home.

As part of the message, some tips are included to reduce the chance of possible collisions. The tips include:

  • – Never feed bears
  • -Secure food, waste and recycling
  • -Never leave pet food outside
  • -Check your yard for bears before walking your dog

The PSA also included a series of instructions on what to do if you encounter a bear:

  • -If you see a bear before it notices you, do not approach it
  • -If you encounter a bear that is aware of you, remain calm and do not run away; running can trigger a chase response.
  • -Continue to face the bear and slowly back away, speaking calmly to identify yourself as a human
  • -If the bear continues to approach, try to scare it away by making yourself as big and imposing as possible by stretching your arms above your head and making loud noises
  • – Black bear attacks are rare, but if it does happen, DO NOT play dead, fight back!
  • – Report all bear encounters

For more information about bears in the natural state, visit