Only two in five people recognize the Missouri state flag; Can you?

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Do you know what the Missouri flag looks like on top of your head? If you can’t do that, you’re not alone.

Ahead of Flag Day on Friday, released a list of the Top 10 least recognizable state flags. Missouri’s state flag was ranked ninth most difficult to recognize.

Only about 41.4% of Americans, or nearly two in five people, can correctly identify Missouri’s state flags, among other things.

So let’s take a quick pop quiz. Swipe through the photo gallery of the Top 10 Least Recognizable State Flags below. Scroll down the article for the answer, after a brief explanation of the Missouri state flag.

The Missouri state flag was adopted in 1913, nearly a century after it gained statehood. The flag was designed by Mrs. Marie Elizabeth Watkins Oliver, wife of former Senator Robert B. Oliver, according to the Missouri Secretary of State’s office.

Oliver’s original state flag, made of silk with some hand-painted elements, was donated to the Missouri Secretary of State’s office in 1961 and displayed in the Capitol from then until 1980. The original flag was restored in the late 1980s and is now displayed in the lobby of the Secretary of State in Jefferson City.

The flag includes tributes to indicate that Missouri was the 24th state to join the union. The main colors represent vigilance, sustainability, justice, courage and purity. The Missouri state flag also contains a coat of arms.

Like many of the state flags above, this one features text and at least one person or animal.

The answer

If you swipe right from start to finish in the photo gallery above, you will see the state flag of Missouri No. 8.

It has red, white and blue colors, like the American flag, with two bears surrounding the coat of arms.