‘They’re not even people, we don’t even recognize them, we don’t even see them. This is what it feels like”

AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF)- Several people living in the Turpin Hill area are speaking out about incidents of vandalism and mischief involving children and adults.

“They think about this neighborhood – 30901 – they’re not even people, we don’t even recognize them, we don’t even see them. That’s what it feels like,” Rose Williams said.

Rose Williams says she has lived in the neighborhood since she was 10. Now that she is elderly, she wants safety and peace for herself and her neighbors.

“My biggest fear is the safety of me and everyone else, especially these young children….”

But Williams is just one of many who live in the area and express similar concerns. She says she is raising her concerns in hopes that justice can be done.

“That crew on Pastor Fryer’s porch a few months ago was caught at a party like he wasn’t even there. The police came, went back with them and stayed there for a while. When he came, he just chased them down the street, and once the police left, one of them came back.”

After several incidents were caught on camera through property surveillance, neighbors called 911 but said nothing was done by law enforcement.

“I don’t know what their training is for situations like this, but I think they should put it out there.” Do something, don’t just say, ‘well, they’re kids, we can’t do anything about it and let it go,'” Williams said.

Crystal Hudson is a mother who lives in the area and had to file a police report due to ongoing incidents.

A plea for help from the sheriff’s office is what neighbors described to me: a demand for the safety and protection of everyone