Boston Celtics fans are looking forward to game 5 of the NBA Finals – NBC Boston

Fans are confident they will win it all at home, but things went quiet at TD Garden on Friday night, especially as the game started to go south.

“People were excited, but they didn’t get too excited when we lost.” said one disappointed Celtics fan.

About 16,000 Celtics fans gathered at the TD Garden hoping for a clean slate, but were disappointed. In fact, by the start of the fourth quarter, half the crowd was gone.

This was the team’s second viewing party of the week, with the city closing Causeway Street for an away game.

Fans really appreciate the effort the Celtics organization has put in to make this feel like a home game for people for only $18 per ticket. Although tickets for the sold-out event are being resold, they are going for more than $100.

“It was an incredible experience, even though we lost. I feel like I have hope that we will win the championship.” said a child attending the watch party.

“We were a little worried that it was going back and forth. We are here to support our team no matter what.” said Erica Evans.

“Why don’t you win it in the building where it started, so get ready to hang the banner and we’ll see you here.” added Johnathan Dykes.

Now the 19,600 seat arena isn’t nearly enough to accommodate all the rowdy fans in this city. Just a few feet away from the Garden – about eleven hundred people gathered at Big Night Live – four times the crowd they had for Wednesday night’s watch party. Those fans were just as disappointed with the blowout.

The good news is that all the fans we heard from last night are confident that the Celtics will close out Monday night in Boston for Game 5.