NBA legend Charles Barkley makes bold statement about Boston Celtics

On Friday night, the Boston Celtics played the Dallas Mavericks in Texas for Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

The Celtics had a chance to close out the series and win the 2024 NBA Championship.

However, they were blown away with a score of 122-84.

After the game, Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley made a bold statement (via Bleacher Report / NBA TV).

Barkley: “I’m glad the Mavs weren’t pressured. I would actually like to see the Mavs win the next game because I want the pressure on the champion. The Celtics haven’t been pressured. am under stress.”

While the Celtics still hold a 3-1 lead, the Mavs can make the series very interesting with a win in Game 5.

So far, the Celtics haven’t had a series that extends beyond five games.

The Mavs came out extremely aggressive and held the Celtics to just 21 points in the first quarter.

They also had a 26-point lead at halftime.

All-Star forward Luka Doncic led the way with 29 points, five rebounds, five assists and three steals while shooting 12/26 from the field and 0/8 from three-point range in 33 minutes of playing time.

Game 5 of the series is Monday night in Boston.

If the Mavs can stay alive, the teams will return to Dallas for Game 6 on Thursday night.

The Celtics are still on the cusp of winning their first NBA championship since the 2008 season (16 years).