Overnight storms in the northeast

A cold front brings a chance of strong and heavy storms in the northeast, especially in the areas along the coast. Here is the latest prediction.

The severe risk will be limited by large hail and damaging winds, but cities like Hartford and Baltimore could stand in the way.

The threat of severe weather continues this evening across parts of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. Storms can produce large hail and damaging winds. Previously, there was a report of hail the size of a chicken egg falling in Zanesville, OH. The thunderstorms should weaken and dissipate as the cold front clears the region around midnight! Behind the front temperatures will drop. However, the slightly cooler and drier air does not last long!!

The ridge will continue to rotate across the Southeast over the weekend and early next week, keeping temperatures pleasant and rain chances minimal. Be prepared for numerous days of record high temperatures from the Midwest to the Northeast. This weekend will see nearly 100° in the Southeast!