Celtics vs. Mavericks NBA Finals: Game 4 live updates, score, highlights and analysis as Boston goes for a sweep

The Dallas Mavericks’ backs are officially against the wall in Game 4 on Friday night as they are eliminated 3-0 by the Boston Celtics in the 2024 NBA Finals.

With Jaylen Brown making his mark alongside a stellar supporting cast, the Celtics are poised to take home the franchise’s 18th championship – their first since 2008. But they’ll still have to go through Luka Dončić and Kyrie Irving, who have helped keep the series going. despite the final results sometimes closed.

If the Celtics do indeed complete the sweep, ABC executives may hold their breath on Saturday night when the Florida Panthers try to do the same to the Edmonton Oilers in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Yahoo Sports’ Kendall Baker notes that the two series have both ended in sweeps only twice in history: 1983 (Philadelphia 76ers over Los Angeles Lakers, New York Islanders over Oilers) and 1995 (Houston Rockets over Orlando Magic, New Jersey Devils over Red Wings). ).

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Live31 updates

  • Luka steps up

    Luka is 0-of-3 from deep, but he has everything working inside the arc, where he is 7-of-10. He gets bullied his way and fakes layups with his head. His step back was mid-market money. Sixteen points, 3 boards, 2 dimes to start. He is so involved in the defense. An excellent response so far to all the (justified) criticism after the Game 3 debacle.

  • Everything is going well for Mavs

    The loose balls, the possessions under the rim, the hustle and bustle of ‘I’ve got to have it’, all in the Mav way. Playing with emotion. At some point it wears out. Boston is shooting 32 percent.

  • Celtics not in a groove

    That Jaylen Brown corner 3 at 9:01 was Boston’s first field goal in four minutes. The Celtics’ offense has yet to be undone: 9-of-26 from the field, 3-of-12 from 3, five turnovers against seven assists. Not a sharp start with a chance to break out the brooms.

  • Gafford is back in

    After a long, long rest, Daniel Gafford is back in the game and immediately grabs an offensive board and makes a trip to the line. He hasn’t seen the floor since the first 2:30 of the game, returning in the first half with just over 8 minutes to play

  • Womp womp: Dante misstep

    After a review in Secaucus, Exum Turn 3 was waved away for stepping out of bounds. (Sorry, Jake.) The score is now 36-21, Dallas.

  • Dante does it

    This is a Dante Exum fan blog. He is the only Maverick outside of Doncic and Irving who can get to the basket and create off the dribble. After a huge hammer dunk in Game 3, he opens the second quarter by driving to the basket and then converting a corner 3.

  • Boston doesn’t look like Boston

    Thirty-four points is a series high for a single quarter for the Mavs, and they’ve been efficient: 34 in 25 possessions is good for an offensive rating of 136, which would even surpass the Celtics’ best mark from the regular season. .

    Boston, on the other hand: only 21 points on 25 possessions, an offensive rating of 84. Celts need the 3-ball to fall.

  • Dallas good from 3

    Mavs are currently plus-3 from the 3-point line. And they keep the C’s outside the three-point line, which was a big reason for the Game 3 loss.

  • Big night for Lively?

    I wonder how much more Daniel Gafford we’ll see tonight. He checked out for Lively about 2 minutes earlier than normal in the first fifteen minutes and did not see the floor again. Dallas’ small-ball unit with Maxi at the 5 saw a good small-ball run for the Mavericks. Meanwhile, Lively is Dallas’ clear third-best player behind Luka and Kyrie… and has definitely contributed to the best two-way performance for the Mavs over a quarter. He’s been a plus-13 in seven minutes,

  • Mavs take a 34-21 lead after the first quarter

    Not exactly a Swiss watch of precision play at the end of the first quarter there – first Kyrie Irving steps out of bounds on a potential last try of the quarter, then noted heaveman Payton Pritchard does the same at the other end, and onwards on his second Kyrie doesn’t shoot in time. Still, the start looks pretty good for the Mavs: 34-21 after 12 minutes.

  • It’s time for small balls

    Small-ball for both teams now: Maxi Kleber and PJ Washington up front for Dallas, and Jayson Tatum as the ostensible center for Boston with Brown, Hauser, White and Holiday on the wing. I haven’t seen that look at all for the C’s in this series, but with Horford dealing with early foul trouble and Tillman ineffective in his first shift, Joe Mazzulla is looking for something.

    It helps when Derrick White hits a save prayer off a jump ball at the end of the shot clock near the end of the quarter.

  • Luka is still having a hard time at the FT line

    Luka’s issues at the foul line have also been baffling this series. After drawing a foul on Al Horford, his first attempt from the charity stripe was a brutal miss. He is now 13 of 22 from the line in the NBA Finals.

  • Makes a good start again

    I asked Mavs head coach Jason Kidd before the game what aspects of his team’s performance in this series he found encouraging. The first thing he brought up: “Getting off to a good start.” Write another one: Luka is already in double figures, Dereck Lively has five quick points off the bench, the Mavs are shooting 60% from the floor and lead 21-14 with just over four minutes left in the first quarter.

  • No Kristaps Porzingis yet

    Despite all the pregame noise about Kristaps Porzingis’ availability, we haven’t seen him in this game yet. Like Game 3, Xavier Tillman and then Sam Hauser were the first two Celtics off Joe Mazzulla’s bench

  • The Jayson Tatum Conundrum

    As great as Jayson Tatum was in Game 3, as great as he has been as a distributor throughout the series, it’s still something of note that Tatum has had trouble getting past Doncic, or really finding easy money at the basket.

  • The rookie gets it done

    If you had ‘Dereck Lively II’ as the Maverick likely to make the first Turn 3 of the night for the team, head to the ticket booth and collect your winnings. The stellar rookie followed that up with a strong defensive play on the edge of Celtics reserve Xavier Tillman, followed by a lob dunk — hey, remember that? – to help give Dallas an early lead.

  • Dereck Lively comes to life

    Dereck Lively dunks and threes. Yes, threes too. He has more than a bright future. He has now.