Augusta man arrested after setting fire to two homes

RICHMOND COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – An Augusta man has been arrested after authorities say he set two homes on fire.

According to the incident report, officers responded to a residence on Kissingbower Road in reference to a home, and officers say when they arrived they observed a large fire that was growing due to household items such as a couch, clothing and pillows. and it continued to spread across the back of one home, leading up to another home.

Officers say they spotted Rodney Allen Phinezy, 42, at the top of the stairs, and after a few attempts to get him down, authorities say Phinezy was detained.

The incident report states that a witness said he was in his vehicle when he saw Phinezy throw numerous objects down the stairs, and he saw the female victim, identified as his wife, leave the residence on foot.

The incident report also states that the witness provided deputies with video footage of the incident, which showed Phinezy throwing numerous objects down the stairs and throwing additional objects onto the fire while it was lit, also causing damage to both homes on the terrain. as other items.

According to the incident report, the items damaged by the fire were the air conditioning unit, the rear exterior wall, the front living stairs and other items.

The resident of the adjacent living space who was also involved in the fire said that she did not see Phinezy start the fire, but that the witness, who said she was her friend, said that Phinezy did so.

Authorities say the damage to both homes and property was done without the owners’ consent.

According to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, Phinezy was arrested on two counts of first-degree arson and booked into the Charles B. Webster Detention Center on Thursday, June 13.