Man accused of murdering woman, four-year-old girl speaks

JACKSON, MS. – While being taken to a police vehicle for transport, the man who allegedly killed a woman and her four-year-old daughter spoke to reporters.

Daniel Callihan started off by saying he was sober and had no drugs in his system except Lexapro before saying he did it.

“I had no reason for what I did,” Callihan said. He then reiterated that he sobered up before he could no longer decide whether or not he was on Lexapro, and that he has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

Callihan said at the time that he had not yet spoken to an attorney and that he is on suicide watch, despite “not being suicidal.” He then said he was “completely” sorry for what he had done.

“It would kill me,” Callihan said. “I told the police everything I did, and I agreed not to bite the bullet.”

When asked if he hoped for a lethal injection, Callihan became more enthusiastic with his answer.

‘For what I did? Lethal injection is the easiest thing for me,” Callihan said.

Callihan said he had borderline personality disorder and had “only been out of the insane asylum for two weeks.”