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How to Tell if Your Heater is Energy Efficient

How to Tell if Your Heater is Energy Efficient

Temperature conditioning during the winter months is important for a comfortable living. But heating up your living space and conditioning it in freezing weather can be quite expensive. If you are not careful, you may end up paying a huge bill that burns a hole in your pocket. 

While controlling your room heating system throughout the winter may help you reduce your energy consumption, it still may not be enough. Here, you also need to ensure that your heater is energy-efficient to avoid expensive bills.

Here, we will talk about the components that you should focus on to make your heater energy-efficient and well-functioning. 

Look For AFUE Rating

The AFUE or annual fuel utilization efficiency is one of the measurements to determine your HVAC system’s ideal efficiency. It is a percentage that checks how effectively your heating system converts fuel into energy. A heater with a higher rating is more efficient than a system with a lower rating. For instance, if your heater has a 98% AFUE rating, it means it only loses 2% of the fuel energy. 

Know the Age of the Heater

Apart from evaluating your heater’s energy efficiency, consider learning about its age. In most cases, the average life expectancy of a heater is about 15 years. Even if the AFUE rating of your heater is great, its energy efficiency may decline by 5% every year if not properly maintained. In fact, proper maintenance too cannot stop the aging process of your heater; it can only delay it. So, if your heater is old and consumes too much energy, a replacement or upgradation could be the only solution for its efficiency. 

Take An Airtight Test

If the chilled air from outside is entering your room, your heater won’t be able to heat your space effectively. In the long run, it may also affect your heater’s energy efficiency. Thus, it’s always advisable to check if the windows are airtight before turning on your heater. Burning an incense stick near the edges of the windows may help you to check if the space is airtight. You can also do the same experiment for your fireplace dampers and doors. If the room is not airtight, make use of caulk and sealing tape to seal the gaps. 

Do Energy Bill Comparison

Energy bills do fluctuate from time to time. The rise in energy costs along with your living style and changing seasons are some of the factors that determine your energy bills. However, if you are unsure about your heater’s level of efficiency, compare your energy bills every month. If your energy bill is higher than the previous year, your heater might not be running efficiently. Here, either call a professional for a thorough check-up or go for a replacement to save on your energy bill. 

Now we hope that you have enough information to check out if your heater is energy efficient or not. However, if you still have confusion regarding your heating system’s efficiency, consider consulting a professional for help. They can help you to have a clear conception of your heater so that you can take necessary measures depending upon the condition of your device.

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