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Cleaning a Furnace Filter: When to Call for a Furnace Inspection

Cleaning a Furnace Filter: When to Call for a Furnace Inspection

Furnace Inspection is common during the fall or winter months. In order to have a fully functional furnace, you need to clean or replace the furnace filters, the furnace blower, or the furnace blower motor.

In course of time, the efficiency of a furnace starts decreasing due to the accumulation of dust particles. Hence it leads to wastage of fuel and high electric bills. Furnace repair or furnace replacement not only maximizes efficiency but also helps to reduce electricity bills by 5 to 15 per cent.

Furnace vent cleaning is important to get rid of the specks of dust, pollens, allergens, and other germs. A good and clean filter keeps pollutants out so that you are not breathing them. Home maintenance can be a big task, hence calling a professional seems to be the best way out.

Furnace Vent And Filter Cleaning: The Process

1. Cleaning The Filter

To clean the furnace filter, switch off the power of the furnace. Open the service panel with the help of a screwdriver. The filter is usually a mesh-framed rectangular screen, located either horizontally or vertically near the blower. Take out the screen filter and look out for a dusty buildup on the top of the mesh screen. If the filter is made up of plastic or metal, get rid of the excess dust with the help of a garden hose. Dry out the filter before inserting it back into the furnace.

There are two types of furnace filters:

  • Disposable Furnace Filters – These are made up of cardboard and require replacement if too dirty.
  • Reusable Furnace Filters – These pocket-friendly filters are usually made up of metal or fibreglass and require proper maintenance.

2. Use Vinegar And Water To Clean The Filter

If the filter requires deep cleaning, take a large bucket or fill up the sink with an equal ratio of water and vinegar. Soak the filter for an hour and wash it with clean water in the opposite direction of airflow. Keep a low pressure to avoid damage.

3. Dry And Insert

Dry the filter completely to prevent the growth of moulds. Insert the filter back inside the furnace in the right direction to ensure the proper flow of air. Most of the filters have an arrow to mark the correct placement. Refer to the arrow in case of confusion. Once you are done with the replacement, turn it on.

Importance of Timely Furnace Filter Inspection

Annual furnace inspection by professionals helps to keep a check on the furnace filter performance and detect problems. The inspection process is vital to determine if you need a furnace repair or a furnace replacement. Additionally, professionals help to inspect the type of filter installed into your furnace. The top 3 types of filters are as follows:

  • Mechanical Filters – need to be changed monthly
  • Electrostatic Filters – need to be cleaned quarterly
  • Electronic Filters – require weekly cleaning

Let us glance through some of the benefits of timely furnace filter inspection now.

Prolonged Furnace Lifespan

Technicians help to identify the smallest of problems and try their best to fix this. This helps to prevent major repair work and ensure durability and guarantee of individual furnace parts.

Avoids Carbon Monoxide Leakage

Cracks in the heat exchanger of the furnaces cause carbon monoxide leakage. This colourless and odourless gas is toxic in nature and deadly for human health. The professional help to detect if your furnace is susceptible to this problem. Additionally, they may suggest installing a carbon monoxide gas detector to reinstate maximum safety protocols.

Dirt and Rust Cleaning

The furnace burner is prone to rust and dirt build-up. The trapped gas leaves behind stains and spots on the heat exchanger of the furnace. There are different factors that add to dust accumulation in your furnace. Professionals help to identify the sources and remove them from the root.

Warranty Validation

Regular furnace filter maintenance is a part of the furnace repair service. Timely inspection of your furnace helps to restore warranty validation. Manufacturers require maintenance records to provide emergency repair or replacement services. Warranties help to save your time and money. Professionals can provide instant solutions in case of breakdowns if your furnace is covered with a warranty.

Reinstated Air Filters

Furnace inspection and repair experts ensure to check the quality of air filters. This helps to determine if your furnace filter needs to clean, repaired or replaced. A dirty or worn-out furnace filter circulates dust and debris throughout your home. This affects the air quality significantly. Regardless of the age of your furnace, inspection will help you to save money and protect your home. Get the clean air you pay for and deserve!

Reasons To Install A Permanent Filter

The efficiency of a filter is determined by the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV). A filter having a higher MERV rating denotes it is capable of cleaning more particles and maintaining a systematic flow of air. MERV is calculated by ASHRAE.

Disposable filters have high MERV ratings but are not eco-friendly. Moreover, disposable filters need regular maintenance. Permanent filters are beneficial in the long run and need replacement once every 5 years. They are specially designed to emit electrostatic charges when they pass through the filter.

The replacement or cleaning up of a furnace might sound like an easy task, but there are other maintenance tasks that require professional help. Furnace replacements usually come up with warranty plans. In case you need assistance with the replacement, you can call up your home warranty and they can get you in touch with a contractor. If the furnace repair service costs more than usual, it is always suggested to replace it with a brand-new furnace.


Cleaning your furnace can be tough work. Cleaning your furnace at regular intervals can help you cut down the cost of energy. The experts at Ringaway are professionals who are well-equipped with installing or replacing old boilers with new ones. Check out the array of services that we offer to our clientele. Share your experience with us and let us help you to the fullest in your time of need!

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