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Best Benefits of Installing a New Boiler System

Best Benefits of Installing a New Boiler System

Do you often wonder why the electricity bill is so high at times? Do you need to turn up the heating system every time you decide to take a bath? Are you tired of whining every time you come back home from work, and wished your home to be cozy and warmer? If you resonate with any of the statements above, it is high time you need to replace your boiler!

A High-efficiency boiler is essential when it comes to providing comfort to your home. Replacing a boiler can be a bit of a crunch to your bank balance. Nevertheless, it will be beneficial in the long run.

If you are still using the age-old boilers then it is time for you to upgrade it. The new boiler is equipped with advanced technology that helps to cut down the excess electricity bills, as well as the boiler maintenance cost.

How Does A Boiler Help Us?

Boilers are essential to keep the temperature inside our home warm or cozy. Instead of taking forced air to distribute heat throughout your home, the new boiler uses the pipes installed in each of the subfloors to circulate warm water all through the house. The heat is transferred from the floor to the rooms through the pipes. This method is known as radiant heating.

At times, the boiler might include an iron radiator which helps in the distribution of heat throughout your home.

Hot air rises up to the ceiling and gradually drops as it cools down. Radiant heating helps to maintain the room temperature by dispersing heat near the floor areas, where it is needed.

These are just a handful of advantages that the new boiler offers. So, let us dig deep into the various perks of installing a new boiler.

1. Save Energy and Money

The updated boiler will help you to save as much as 60% of the overall electricity bill. Sound impossible right? This is because the gas boilers come with A-graded technology that provides almost 90% efficiency or even more at times.

The old boilers on the other hand do not exceed more than 70% when it comes to efficiency but the electric bill is somewhat beyond our calculations.

Along with that, the new boiler produces the desired amount of energy at the designated location and reduces energy wastage.

So, if you want to save a couple of grand per year, switch to an improved and new boiler.

2. Set The Room Temperature Accordingly

Apart from saving energy, the new boiler provides ultimate satisfaction and comfort to your home. The modern boiler comes with a heating controller known as the Thermostatic Radiator Valve which allows you to set the room temperature conveniently.

This Thermostatic Radiator Valve automatically switches off when it has reached the desired temperature. Thereafter, you can keep the living rooms cool and the bedroom cooler.

So, if your old boiler does not have this technology, you definitely need an upgradation!

3. Cut The Noise; Make More Space

Another fascinating aspect of the new boiler is that they make a lot less sound compared to the old ones. Moreover, these modern boilers are comparatively smaller in size and can be placed anywhere inside the house. Place it on the walls instead of the floor or inside the cupboard of your kitchen and give yourself some more space.

The old, conventional boilers require a lot of space and you need to keep a large tank inside your house.

Improve your lifestyle, and upgrade to a new boiler!

4. Safe and Reliable

New boilers are much safer than the old ones and ensure warmth and security. Additionally, the boiler maintenance cost is comparatively less than the old ones. The old boilers expose you to a number of safety hazards and risks like respiratory problems, fires and exposure to carbon monoxide gases.

Go for an upgraded boiler and ensure safety. When you choose, make sure you hire a professional to install it as it should comply with the rules and regulations in your area.

5. Make Your Room Pretty

The new boiler is an amazing-looking piece of kit. Sleek and uncomplicated the high-efficiency boiler comes with a handful of controls and pipes.

These new boilers look very pretty when mounted on the wall or cupboards compared to the old ones.

Be stylish, be trendy. Go for a boiler replacement.

6. Environmental Friendly

When you are taking utmost care of yourself and your home, it is important that you also keep a check on the environment. If you are upgrading to a new boiler, you are not only saving yourself from a number of health problems but also taking a step toward environmental sustainability.

The new boiler is energy efficient and reduces the emission of toxic gases. It does not matter if your boiler has gas, oil or an electric boiler, they all impact the environment in a negative way.

Boiler replacement reduces the carbon footprint and hence reduces environmental pollution.

So, next time, if you are going for a boiler replacement or a boiler repair, go for the technology which allows you to reduce the carbon footprint and not affect the environment severely.

7. Tag Along With Weather

The weather is unpredictable! But your boiler should not be!

Brace yourself for whatever the weather may bring along with it.

So, if you notice a fluctuation in the boiler temperature, go for an emergency boiler repair before it is too late!


The new boiler is beneficial for your home. They prevent duct leakages which in turn makes them more efficient and equipped compared to other forced air heaters. The forced air heaters are known to lose almost 30% of energy output due to duct leakage.
Along with that, boilers don’t usually come with a specific hot or cold spot while heating a room like the age-old forced air heaters.

Looking for the opinion of experts to have a look at your boiler? Contact Ringaway for a consultation!

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