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7 Home Furnace Maintenance Tips To Prepare For Winter

7 Home Furnace Maintenance Tips To Prepare For Winter

“Winter is coming. We know what’s coming with it.”

As the temperature drops outside, Game of Thrones fans and property owners who haven’t watched the show must heed the warning. However, with a high-efficiency furnace, you may avoid the consequences of extreme weather and stay comfortable. All it requires is to perform home furnace maintenance steps during the winter months.

No matter how efficient your new furnace is, it requires proper maintenance and care for optimal performance. These heating devices are reliable for heating your home during harsh winters and making your living comfortable. In addition, a well-maintained furnace minimizes your utility bill and keeps down the need for costly repairs.

Want to avoid costly repairs and prepare your home furnace for winter? For better performance of your heating system this winter, you may employ the following steps.

Start Early Maintenance

Spontaneous furnace failure on the coldest night is truly horrifying. However, with yearly maintenance, you can easily avoid this nightmare. Conducting yearly furnace maintenance before the winter sets in or it’s still mild may prevent sudden HVAC breakdowns. Connect with a professional agency like Ringaway for regular maintenance and servicing. Backed with experience and the right techniques, professionals may elongate the life of your heating device and keep costly repairs at bay. With an annual furnace inspection, you also get a good amount of lead time to fix the issues.

Change Furnace Filter

If you are looking for an effective way to prolong the life of your furnace, consider changing the filter before winter arrives. Go through your furnace operating manual to install the right filter type according to the device’s size and rating. Consider changing the filter again in the spring to enhance its shelf-life.

Remember, a clogged or dirty filter not only hinders your system’s performance but also reduces your indoor air quality. Old and dirty filters make the system work harder resulting in frequent breakdowns, costly repairs and shorter shelf life. Many homeowners vacuum out the dirt from the filter and reuse the same for years. This is actually not a smart way to deal with your problems. No matter how well you clean the filter, it loses its potential to filter the air with time.

If you are not confident about changing your furnace filter, consider calling a technician for employing the right method.

Change Thermostat

Have you changed your furnace system’s thermostat batteries? If not, it’s time to change it before the heating season starts. You may ask your HVAC technician to check the condition of your thermostat batteries before changing the same.

Replacing an old battery with a new one ensures optimum heating. With fresh batteries, the system need not work harder to start and perform optimally. In addition to changing the batteries, consider reprograming the thermostat. You may set the program of the system according to your schedule. This is a great way to lower your utility bill and save your furnace from daily wear and tear.

You should also check for tangled and tight wires once the power has been shut off. Tangled wires may degrade the performance of your thermostat and stop the furnace from heating adequately. When the furnace is not working, remove the doors and give the wires a slight pull.

Clear the Drainage Tube

Gas furnaces, especially propane ones often produce a little amount of water while heating. Though in most cases the water is blown away as steam, a small amount drains out to a drip pan.

Keeping the drainage tube clean is important for your furnace’s performance. A clogged tube might fill the manifold and shut the system down. To clear the tube, detach it from the manifold. Now, blow some compressed air through it and clear the blockages. If you have white vinegar in your kitchen, pour a cup of it through the tube to stop further filmy buildup.

You may also talk to your technician to clear the drainage tube during their annual home furnace maintenance visits.

Clear Surrounding Clutter

To elongate your heating system’s lifespan, provide it with some room to breathe. Clear all the surrounding clutter and debris. Here, you may also refer to manufacturer specifications or regional standards. Remember, the furnace must get enough air for combustion and thus, decluttering is important for its safe and smooth operation. It also allows room for the technician for a thorough furnace inspection. So, as the heating season is knocking at the door, make a habit of keeping the area around your furnace clean and clear.

Get Your Ducts in a Row

Over the warmer months, ductwork and surrounding insulation are the ideal nesting place for critters. This is one of the main reasons behind the deterioration of the ducts. If not maintained, this may reduce the efficiency of your duct system. So, during the colder months, if your home is not getting enough heat, consider checking your duct system. Sudden hot or cold spots in your room are the indicators of imbalanced airflow and a damaged duct system.

During your yearly furnace inspection, ask your technicians to check the duct system of your home. If needed, take their help to clean the duct system for your furnace’s optimal performance.

Consider a Professional for Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your home furnace might be challenging if you do not have a technical background. So, if you are not sure about handling any of these tasks, consider appointing an HVAC technician. Even if you can implement most of the above-mentioned maintenance steps alone, it’s always a good idea to consult a professional for a thorough inspection. A qualified technician is well acquainted with each and every part of your heating system and may help you to keep the system functioning at its peak efficiency.

Ringaway is performing furnace and boiler maintenance for years. Our Red Seal-certified technicians are trained for all makes and models. So, to keep your furnace at its peak performance this winter, contact Ringaway today!

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