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5 Common Boiler Problems – How To Avoid The Need For Emergency Boiler Repair?

5 Common Boiler Problems – How To Avoid The Need For Emergency Boiler Repair?

We are almost nearing the end of this year and many homeowners in the cold northern sections, especially Canada, will likely require heating systems. This is a basic necessity for the upcoming months, at least for a couple or three. Canadian winters are known for immensely cold seasons that take a heavy toll on the heating systems. Winter in Canada may differ based on the location you live in. However, occasional cold snaps are bound to come, and this is when the temperature drops below freezing. It can last anywhere from a few days to weeks. If this is the case, it is important to ensure that you maintain a safe distance from emergency boiler repair. This way, you can prevent getting caught in the cold.

Here are some pro tips to avoid common boiler problems and reduce your energy bills consecutively.

Radiator Cold Spots & Boiler Maintenance

If the radiator in your home or office is not uniformly hot, the following points may indicate the reasons:

  • A malfunctioned parts like a valve or circulator
  • Presence of air in the pipes
  • Corroding pipes that tend to fill the radiators with magnetite

Now, what is magnetite? Magnetite is an iron oxide sludge formed in the pipeline of an untreated hydronic heating system. It is formed when water and air mix in the pipes. These are super-tiny particles that accumulate and circulate inside the system. They eventually affect the boiler’s efficiency and ability to transfer heat. A buildup of iron oxide can damage the equipment and eventually lead to failure. This will further result in expensive repair work.

It is quite natural to have air bubbles trapped in the system. This is a common problem especially if you are living in an older home or keep the heating system off throughout the summer. You can fix this with proper boiler maintenance. Consider bleeding the radiators, which means eliminating air from the system. If the problem persists, call in a professional plumber or heating contractor to deal with the issues.

Boiler Repair For Noisy System

Do your boiler rattle whenever you press the “ON” button? The noise is similar to gurgling, whistling, or a chorus of banging or rumbling. It is quite annoying to hear these rumbling noises from your untreated boiler regularly. Well, the problem is more serious as this happens when there is a buildup of limescale.

It is better to call a professional as the entire system requires flushing out air and limescale. An expert technician can work all the way to eliminate the origin of noises and gently remove limescale from the heat exchanger without damaging your boiler.

Check The Thermostats

You may have the best boiler brand in Canada, but if the thermostats are not working, the boiler is simply out of need. Improper functioning of thermostats will make rooms too hot or cold during the heating seasons. It may also lead to higher heating bills as sometimes; you may require running the boiler at full blast to warm your space.

Follow these simple steps in order to check whether or not, the thermostats are working properly. Set the boiler at the timer and turn the thermostat to a minimum. Here, the boiler should turn off. If it doesn’t, switch off the time clock and recheck. If it fails repeatedly, you need to call an expert who can provide industry-grade boiler repair services.

Leaks & Drips

A leaking boiler means it is on the verge of a breakdown. This is a problem that can easily be noticed. Corroded pipelines or broken parts are the main reason that contributes to boiler leakage. Whatever the problem is, it is better to call an expert. Delaying with the problem may require you to buy a new boiler. If you consider this problem as simple wear and tear, you’re heading to a major blunder.

Usually, leaks are caused due to the presence of chemicals within the hydronic system while cleaning. Therefore, use properly formulated chemicals that include dispersants, surfactants, and inhibitors that are used for neutralizing pH levels. Dispersants and surfactants help in dislodging, moving, and lifting the corrosion in the pipeline.

Check The Pressure In The Boiler

Do not forget to check the boiler pressure before you make your indoor spaces boiler-friendly. Reduced boiler pressure can cause problems with heating. Losing water from the system is an indication that you need to repressurize the expansion vessels. It is quite normal to repressurize the boiler once or twice a year. Nevertheless, if you are doing it frequently, think about boiler replacement or get professional help from an expert in Langley.

Ensure Complete Protection

The popularity of high-efficiency boilers is on the rise along with ECN motors. This has helped a lot in lowering fuel bills. On the downside, these positive trends can create performance concerning headaches. Before it’s too late, hire a team of professionals to ensure complete protection for your boiler before winter strikes in full volume. They can also help you with boiler rebates paired with professional repair works as per the requirement.

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